Blue Harvest Salon
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Complimenting beauty, in a boutique salon setting in rural Norfolk County.

Blue Harvest Salon & Spa is a popular destination in Norfolk County, not only for the unique salon experience, but also for the endless, rolling country landscapes and the charming property that surrounds the salon. You'll quickly become nestled in this beautiful oasis of calm, rolling fields and find yourself wrapped in an atmosphere promoting the self care and reflection that we all so clearly thirst for.

Lara, Chief Stylist and owner at Blue Harvest Salon & Spa provides impeccable attention to every detail and is most definitely the vital asset to nurturing that experience for her clients that she has become known for. Her years of experience in styling, and project management coupled with her genuine love of people provides her a competitive edge in the industry. Lara truly believes in every person she works with. She believes in their story, their individuality, their vision, and the importance of their time. She is committed to a promise of best practices in the hair and aesthetics industry. Pairing this with a unique and memorable experience allows guess to leave the salon feeling respected, renewed and excited to return.

5113 Highway 3, Simcoe
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N3Y 4K4